I train my legs every Thursday but after noticing that my bum ended half way down my thighs, I decided that it was time to give my butt a lift.

I have never had the desire to have the kind of bum that you see bouncing up and down in music videos, but after performing deep squats for months on end and seeing very little progress, I made an appointment to see the Glute Doctor.

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Hello, my little one. You probably don’t even recognise who this is. It’s me, Tashi. I know I look different and before you ask no I am not rich, I am still working on that.

I wish I could hug you and tell you that I love you because I know how much you need it. I know right now you feel like a bit of an outsider but hold on baby girl, being different is what makes you so special and you will soon realise it.

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After I made the executive decision that my boyfriend and I were going to live together, my father who has been married to my mother for twenty-five years passed on his secrets to a happier relationship.

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Have you ever left a Pilates studio dripping in sweat, with your muscles hurting after every step you take and every move you make?

Welcome to Bootcamp Pilates, a full body workout that combines the use of Reformer machines (pictured above) with the foundations of Pilates to help increase your strength, endurance and overall fitness.

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