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Runner, personal trainer & digital marketing consultant.

Welcome to Tashi Skervin.com, a personal look book, fitness diary, travel and life story told by me, Tashi Skervin-Clarke. What started as a place to share all of my fitness tips, travels and experiences with friends, has developed into a place for healthy living and active travel. My interest in health and fitness, particularly running, stems from my childhood. So I guess it’s only natural that in my adult years I would find myself lacing up my trainers and running again. I run everything from sprints to half marathons although I do prefer to stay around the 5-10km mark. I am also a qualified personal trainer and I absolutely love teaching group exercise classes, as well as online and in person clients.

Most people say they can’t quite work out where my accent is from. “It sounds like London, but it’s doesn’t sound entirely London” is what I was once told. And they were right, I was born and raised in Nottingham but I moved to London over 7 years ago for university. After graduating form a degree in Public Relations, I went on to do a masters course in TV journalism. Somewhere in-between leaving Nottingham and starting University, I met Jordon and he is the reason why I have a double-barreled surname!

 I hope that my blog encourages you to live a healthier and happier life, but still make room for a glass of champagne of course! If you’d like to discuss collaborations, personal training or just want to have a chat, drop me a line on tashi@tashiskervin.com



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