What do almost housewives do on a Saturday morning? An intense gym session followed by brunch with friends, of course! This Saturday I enjoyed a St Lucian inspired brunch at Rabot 1745, where every dish contained cacao. That’s right… chocolate!

Rabot 1745 is located in London’s Borough market and it is owned by the masters of chocolate, Hotel Chocolat.

Chocolate is actually really good for you, but only when it is in it’s raw and unprocessed form, Cacao. Cacao can help to improve your digestive system, contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals and it can help to lower high blood pressure. Before you ask, no… Cadbury’s Diary Milk doesn’t fall into the category of ‘healthy chocolate’ and it never will!

The rain was starting to pour when I arrived at Rabot 1745 but with Bob Marley’s Exodus playing in the background and the St Lucian inspired decor, I soon forgot that I was sitting in the middle of borough market on a rainy Saturday morning.

A waitress appeared to take our drinks order and a chorus of green teas and black americanos came the reply, expect from one who ordered this salted caramel hot chocolate.

DSC_0230 I already knew what I was going to order to eat before I arrived at the restaurant, as i had fallen in love with the description of their chocolate granola. The other girls ordered poached eggs on sourdough bread and full plantation breakfasts, which is like a full English breakfast with a Rabot 1745 twist.

DSC_0240DSC_0242The chocolate granola contained coconut, nuts and seeds, as well as chocolate that had been made on site and it exceeded my expectations. I spotted a cacao spread on our table and I couldn’t resist putting a small amount of it into to my granola, even though it was meant for the sourdough bread. The cacao spread added a rich taste to my breakfast but it didn’t leave me with the feeling that you get after you’ve eaten one too many squares of Diary Milk . 

Chocolate granola doesn’t sound too extraodianry, but how about chocolate eggs? And I don’t mean the Easter kind.

DSC_0238The pocahed eggs that the girls ordered had a sprinkle of cacao on them and the butter pictured in the bottom left hand corner, also contained cacao. Who would have thought that chocolate would taste great with poached eggs or could be used to glaze sausages? Everything tasted delicious, at Rabot 1745 they understand the chemistry between foods and use Cacao to enhance the flavour.

We thoroughly enjoyed our brunch and it was relatively quiet when we arrived at 10.30am, which meant that the noise from the other tables didn’t interrupt our all important conversation on how to make your eyebrows grow.

Rabot 1745 are open all day which means that at Rabot, you really can have chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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