Can you believe that November is here already! I have been so inconsistent with blogging recently but my blogs third Birthday is approaching and I feel inspired and motivated to start posting regularly again. Starting with a round up of all my most recent travels and the first stop is New York.

The concrete jungle where dreams are made of. I first visited New York in 2010 and vowed to return when the opportunity came. It came a lot later than I planned, 7 years to be exact but the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. My best friend now lives in New York and has settled nicely into a new life, which meant that I was able to stay with her. And, I have also been travelling a lot on my own recently which meant that I have become a lot more confident with exploring unfamiliar places on my own and I actually really enjoy my own company too.

New York is easily one of my favourite cities in the world because there is just so much to do, see and eat. Although I didn’t manage to get through my lengthly “to do” list, I did however get to sample a lot of the wonderful things that New York has to offer and here are some of my favourite highlights and how to spend a weekend in New York.

Train at Tone House

I know not everyone enjoying’s exercising on holiday but for me, it’s what a holiday is all about! I absolutely love to workout so when I am on holiday and don’t have things like work to get in the way, it becomes even more of a priority. Tone House was the first fitness studio I tried upon arriving in New York. It was recommended to me by a couple of my friends here in London and they described it as the “hardest workout ever”. I had a quick stalk of their social media channels and decided to give Tone House a go.

The studio itself is seriously cool and instantly won me over. With the class upstairs and recovery area downstairs complete with ice baths, I knew that this workout wasn’t going to be easy. And it wasn’t, in fact it was the hardest workout that I have ever done. It was incredible! The class is a perfect mix of bodyweight exercises, athletic drills and resistance exercises. I felt like I was training like an athlete so it was not surprising to hear that Tone House is favoured by many NFL players and American Footballers. Just be sure to book their 101 class before you do the regular class because although the intensity is the same, the 101 class explains the exercises and method a little bit better which is great for newbies, no matter your athletic ability.

Brunch at Playa Betty’s

The Brunch culture in New York is similar to the one here in London, huge! But the most noticeable difference is that your brunch menus aren’t limited to your standard avocado on toast. You can have pretty much anything for brunch and we went to a gorgeous Californian inspired restaurant on Amsterdam Ave called Playa Betty’s. Think seared Ahi Tuna, Tacos and Salad bowls. There is also the option to go bottomless too (which we did!). I would recommend the sunrise bowl with salmon and bottomless mimosas!

Visit the 9/11 memorial

I don’t really know what I was expecting to see or feel when I visited ground zero. As soon as I stepped off the subway and walked towards the memorial site I became overwhelmed with emotion. I could hear the memorial fountains before I could see them. As what was once the North tower came into view, I had to blink back the tears that I could feel stinging my eyes. I think it was the size of the fountains that got me. They are the same size as the towers that once stood- huge. They are breathtakingly beautiful and every now again you might come across a fresh single white rose against someones. This means that today would have been their birthday. This memorial is a beautiful tribute and a must visit. The energy here is undesirable and it feels so peaceful.

Walk Brooklyn Bridge

The Instagram famous Brooklyn bridge is home to so many beautiful views of downtown Manhattan. Although I visited New York perviously, I never made it to Brooklyn Bridge. This time round I made sure I’d find the time to fit it in. The bridge is quite busy it’s still worth checking out because the architecture is stunning. So don’t forget to get your all important Brooklyn Bridge shot! Just make sure you stay out of the bike lane…Yeah, the cyclists hate that!

Dine in Central Park

Oh I do love Central Park because it feels like you’ve escaped the city. Providing you don’t look towards the sky scrapers in the distance, that is. It’s usually full of runners, tourists and people practicing yoga but it’s also home to a beautiful restaurant called Tavern on the Green. Here I had the best pretzel I had ever eaten in my life! It was warm, soft and buttery. I went during the day and at night and enjoyed both equally. During the day you can sit outside and watch the world go by. And at night you can cosy up by the fire with a drink.

Run at Mile High Run Club

Mile High Run Club is a treadmill based class that stole my heart. Instead of hammering the sprints and the inclines, Mile High Run Club is about making you a better runner. So, the classes are structured to help improve your endurance as well as your speed. I did the High 45 which is a 45 minute run which saw me clock up 5 miles and the Distance which is an hour long and saw me run just over 7. The High 45 is amazing for stamina but the long run is perfect for those who struggle to do long runs on their own.


Share travel stories with strangers on Wall Street

After my visit to the 9/11 tribute, I popped into Haru Sushi on Wall Street for an early dinner. I ended up sharing travel stories with strangers. Opting for a Poke bowl, which is currently my favourite seafood dish. I also had the best Cosmopolitan cocktail to accompany it. I felt oh so Carrie Bradshaw as I drank my Cosmo in New York and made friends with a few solo dinners sat around the shared bar. Some were expats, New York Natives and others tourists like myself, all united by our love for travelling.


I hope you find this guide useful to help you plan your next trip to New York! Let me know your favourite spots below.

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