Nashville has never been on my ‘to visit’ list, but a recent trip to Tennessee with Reebok gave me the opportunity to explore what they call “the home of music”. My time flew by, I only spent 24 hours in Nashville, but jet lagged meant that I woke before the sun rose and was able to see sample enough of the city to get a taste of it’s flavour. How did it taste? Full of life and character…Nashville was everything that I thought it wouldn’t be.

Music rings out on every street corner and this is what I warmed to the most in Nashville. Music has the power to pick up your mood and it meant that both tourists and locals walked with a smile on their faces as the southern sounds soothed their minds. Strangers said “Good morning” to each other and to me. They said they liked my smile and complimented my accent. If you ever find yourself staring at a map wondering where to go next, here is my guide to 24 hours in Nashville: the city that has been dubbed the Vegas of the south.

Where to eat

Meat is a popular food choice in the south and Nashville is no exception. As someone who mostly eats fish, I struggled with this but I did manage to find a few healthy food spots on my way to Barry’s Bootcamp! There’s a juice bar on 11th called the Gulch, offering juices, cleanses and smoothies. But if that isn’t your thing, you can still stop there for a healthy bite to eat. If you’re staying close to Nashville Airport, there is Sunflower Café which is a vegetarian restaurant, or how about Calypso Café for a taste of Cuba? Oh, and if you find yourself debating what to have for breakfast, go for the biscuits!

Where to Exercise

I was surprised to see just how many gyms and boutique studios lined the streets of Nashville and on Sunday morning I ventured to my favoruite fitness studio, Barry’s Bootcamp. Admittedly the class I did wasn’t as hard as what I am used to in London, but non the less it felt good to spend my Sunday morning running on the treadmills and doing my favourite my workout. Classes cost $23 and you can book online or just walk in.

What to see

From the Johnny Cash museum to the History of Music museum, Nashville has so much culture and history that is just waiting to be explored. You can discover most of the city on foot, so pack your best walking trainers and immerse yourself into all that is on offer. And try not to bury your head into a map, you’ll miss out on all of the artwork that has been carefully painted on the side walks .

Where to stay

We stayed at the Sheraton in Downtown Nashville and one of the reasons why I loved this hotel was because of it’s location and the fact that it towers over most of the buildings, making it easy to find my way home! The Sheraton is just a stone throw away from the streets that come to life during the evenings, but it’s peacful during the day, making it the perfect camp to set up base.

What to pack

It was surprisingly warm for March, but when the sun disappeared behind the clouds you really felt the cold. There were also a few rain showers to so it’s safe to say we experienced a mix of seasons during our short stay. Light jackets, jumpers and t-shirts is perfect for  Nashville in March. The city itself is quite casual. People go out to bars in football jerseys and jeans. I packed my Jimmy Choos but they didn’t even see daylight as there was no need for them! Smart, casual and comfortable is all you need to pack.

I wish I spent more than 24 hours in Nashville but unfortunately my stay was a brief one. I am glad that I got to explore an American city that had never been on my radar and it really did surprise me. It was a lot more cosmopolitan than I thought and I actually really enjoyed it.

Let me know if you are heading to Nashville if you’ve already been, leave your tips below.

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