I’ve always read success books and watched Ted Talks but it’s only during the past few years that I have started paying attention to the words on the page and putting into action the tips and advice that the Ted Talks have to offer.

Sometimes I look at my life and think to myself “there is so much that I am yet to achieve” and then I have to gently remind myself that I am only twenty four years old and I still have a lot of living and growing to do. Since starting my blog, I have had a whirl wind of opportunities that seem to be steering me into the direction that I want to be heading in. I have managed to achieve a lot in a small space of time, but I have failed. I have failed time and time again but that doesn’t make me a failure. Each time I fall, I stand up tall, wear my biggest smile and try and try again.

Whether you are trying to start a blog, get a promotion or break into a new industry, here are a few tips that I practice every single day to ensure that the next time I fail, I am able to stand up and try again. And I hope that they help you to achieve your dreams.

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Without sounding like a broken record, the thing I enjoy the most about being a blogger is that I get to cross paths and spend time with people who I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Last week Adidas invited a handful of us down to Victoria Park for a Supper Club with Jackson and Levine. Adidas has recently created their first running shoe that has been designed specifically for women. And what better way to celebrate women and the new Pure Boost X shoe, than with an evening with good food, drinks and friends.

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February is heart awareness month so let’s show our hearts some love with a bit of cardiovascular fitness and a lot of good food.

Making a few small changes to our lifestyle and diet can help us to maintain a healthy heart and I’ve teamed up with Holland and Barrett to show you how to take care of your heart, with their healthy heart products and my favourite exercises.

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Indonesia 066

Is anyone else constantly dreaming about sun kissed skin, white sandy beaches and watching the sun set over and over again? If you could hop on a plane and go to anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? What’s on your travel bucket list?

I would go to Bora Bora.

I think? 

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2016-01-25_NikeWomenWeek-London-161One of the things I enjoy the most about being a fitness blogger is that I am constantly being introduced to new and efficient training methods. I feel like my knowledge is continually growing and I am learning more about the effects that exercise has on the body.

My preferred methods of training are sprinting and interval training, which are both types of Metabolic Conditioning exercises (MetCon). I didn’t even know that I was doing metcon training until I did a Metcon session with Nike.

Metabolic Conditioning is a method of training that involves performing intense exercises that have been designed to maximise the amount of calories burned during and after a workout. Metcon training can see your metabolism sore to the point that it can take up 72 hours before it returns to its normal resting state.

It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how much you train, a good metcon session will always leave you asking yourself “do I even workout?”

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Sometimes I can just sit and write for hours. The words spill out onto the page like a perfectly formed novel and then there are days like today where it feels like the sentences don’t want to be formed.

I drafted a few blog posts this evening but I decided that they weren’t quite ready so I will save them for another day. Instead I am sharing this post with you and I am just writing the words as they come to me. This post probably wont have much substance and it isn’t going to be about health and fitness or travel. Actually, I don’t know what it’s going to be about! I am just sitting here in the comfort of my home, listening to the rain pat slowly against my window and waiting to see what happens.

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How many times have you woken up in the morning wishing that you had gone to sleep earlier? And as you reluctantly peal back your toasty covers and step out into the cold (or warmth, depends how stingey you are when it comes to heating), you make a promise to go to bed earlier. And the next day, you say the same thing all over again, as your tired feet carry you to work after another bad nights sleep.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t get enough sleep. I’m usually up until around midnight doing absolutely nothing that’s worth feeling tired for! I don’t know what it is about sleep. Children hate going to bed because they believe that they are going to miss out on something exciting. And as for adults, getting a good night’s sleep is like winning the lottery. It’s something that you want and you always hear about it happening to other people, but it never happens to you.

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