I grew up watching my parents spend hours in the kitchen, perfecting their signature Caribbean dishes but it wasn’t until I had moved out and started cooking for myself that I realised why they enjoy cooking. It’s rewarding and gives you a sense of fulfilment. A homemade dish can make even the saddest eyes light up, even if it’s just for a minute or two, and there is nothing quite like throwing together a few ingredients to find that you’ve created a masterpeice.

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Tri 052

My competitive streak means that I always want to challenge myself. I have thought about doing Marathons, but I don’t know anyone who enjoys training for them, or running them, so the fear of having a Marathon suck the joy out of running has prevented me from doing a 26 mile run.

But I crave adventure and I want to feel that overwhelming sense of fulfillment that athletes feel when they cross the finish line, so next year you will see me swimming, cycling and running. I am doing a Triathlon! And I must admit, I’m a little bit scared…especially of the open water swim.

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Indonesia 170

11 months have passed since we celebrated the arrival of 2015, and what we once called the ‘New Year’ will soon become last year.

I rang in 2015 with my fiancé, who was my boyfriend at the time, by writing on balloons all of the things we wanted to leave behind in 2014. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief as I watched the wind carry away my balloon, but fast forward 11 months and I can’t quite remember what I wrote! But to me that is a sign that I have let go of all of the things I was holding onto and 2015 has been filled with love, hope, laughter and wonderful memories that I will take with me through to 2016 and beyond.

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A couple of months ago I swapped the long (5km) runs for sprints and interval training and the biggest change that I’ve noticed aside from an increase in my speed, is my metabolism. My metabolism has never been that of a 12 year old boy, but since my quest to become a better sprinter begun my appetite is through the roof but my weight has remained the same.

I have read a lot on how to increase your metabolism and you probably have too! But I speak from experience and I have never been one to do something drastic to achieve a certain look. I believe in moving a lot, eating a lot of good food but treating yourself too. And with the festive season only a week away, here are a few of my metabolism boosting tips to help you to be able to eat, drink and be merry but still fit into your jeans come 1st January 2016!

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winter 022

There is something magical about winter in London. The streets are covered with gold leaves and if you look up towards the sky you will be greeted by a sea of Christmas lights before your eyes reach the clouds. It may be cold, the days are shorter and London is busier than ever but it’s my favourite time of year and I wouldn’t change Christmas in London, because it’s perfect.

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27 sept 022

“It’s just too cold”, is what I find my brain tells my legs when they are itching to go for a run, but the fear of facing the cold prevents me from stepping outside and doing the thing that I love the most. Running.

If you are like me and live in England, you’re probably used to training in cold weather conditions, but that doesn’t mean that it’s enjoyable. I hate running in the winter. It’s cold, dark, windy and my times are no where near my personal best. But winter training is a great way to strengthen your weak points and improve your time before the new racing season kicks off next year. We all need a bit of motivation from time to time, so here are a few tips to help you peal back those bed covers and go for a run, even when it is snowing!

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Indonesia 342

A town that is filled with romance, adventure and culture. Ubud feels like it hasn’t been spoiled by tourism and influences from the West, but instead it’s everything that you would imagine Bali to be. Before visiting Ubud, I knew that it would be oozing with Balinese culture but I didn’t realise that it would have so much adventure and romance too. We spent six days exploring Ubud and here are my favourite memories.

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