White sandy beaches and marine life that can be explored from your doorstep. On paper, it’s the most idyllic honeymoon destination, but is the Maldives really worth the money? We spent 10 days in paradise and I think I spent 70% of the time thinking about making a permanent move because it was everything I hoped it would be. When then sunrises you can sea dolphins playing in the distance and come sunset the sound of the ocean is your lullaby. If you’re planning a honeymoon, a lavish birthday or just want a romantic getaway, the Maldives should be at the top of your list and here’s why.

Mosquito who?

I don’t know what’s with mosquitos but whenever I visit a tropical country, they bite my skin like it’s their last supper. So naturally, I arrived at the Maldives armed with strong insect repellents only to find that the Maldives doesn’t have time for Mosquitos.  Those pesky incests got exterminated a long time ago and you won’t come across many flies here either. Ain’t no body got time for that.


The Maldives provides you with a sense of escapism because there are very few places like it. The white sandy beaches aren’t littered with tourists which allows you to feel like you’re on your own private island. It’s just you and your loved one. You also feel isolated from the rest of the world- but in a good way! We were so far away from our life at home that the problems in our Western World didn’t seem like reality anymore. Different time zones meant we couldn’t keep up so I wasn’t thinking about Donald Trump or if Arsenal had won their football game. The Maldives became my reality and life felt still.

Warm water

One of the reasons why I don’t really like the sea is because it’s cold. Atlantic? Cold. Antarctic? Clues in the name. Pacific? Could be warmer. But the Indian Ocean feels like a warm bath. I remember climbing down the steps from our water bungalow and bracing myself for the cold as my toe dipped into the water. You can imagine how I felt when I discovered it was warm… I stopped climbing down and jumped in! They’re also serious about protecting life under water here, and as I result of this, you don’t need to scuba dive or even snorkel to see sea creatures. We saw reef sharks, rays, turtles and Dolphins all from our water villa. So if you’re not keen on swimming with the fish but want to admire their beauty, a beach bungalow in the Maldives is the spot for you.

It’s beautiful in the rain

Admittedly there isn’t much to do in the Maldives outside of watersports, eating, sleeping and watching sunsets. So, you’d think that rain in the Maldives is enough to ruin your holiday…but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. We witnessed the most beautiful tropical storms. I sat in awe with my face pressed against our window, whilst Jordon decided that he wanted to sit front row and watched the storm as he sat in our pool. The rain doesn’t last too long either. So even if you do encounter a little bit of rain along the way, it’s nothing to worry about. The storm will pass.

The people

The people who work and live on the Islands have the warmest hearts and it rubbed off onto all of the tourists. People of all walks of life said hello to each other every morning and it created a wonderful community like atmosphere.

Yes, the Maldives is expensive but it’s worth every penny. If you’re thinking of going, keep a look out at websites like Secret Escape to help keep the cost down. They often have deals to some of the most beautiful destinations and resorts.

Let me know if you’ve been to the Maldives or if you are planning to go!

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