Sometimes I can just sit and write for hours. The words spill out onto the page like a perfectly formed novel and then there are days like today where it feels like the sentences don’t want to be formed.

I drafted a few blog posts this evening but I decided that they weren’t quite ready so I will save them for another day. Instead I am sharing this post with you and I am just writing the words as they come to me. This post probably wont have much substance and it isn’t going to be about health and fitness or travel. Actually, I don’t know what it’s going to be about! I am just sitting here in the comfort of my home, listening to the rain pat slowly against my window and waiting to see what happens.

I came across the words of one of my favourite entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, a few days ago. He asked the reader, who happened to be me “what do you want from life”. I must admit, the question caught me off guard.

“I don’t know”. Was my first response. “It’s a big question to ask, can I come back to it another day?” Was the conversation that I had with myself. Of course I could come back to the question, but as the words stared back at me, I knew that if I didn’t face the question now, I probably never would.

What do you want from life?

I started searching my heart for an answer to be proud of. I thought about being an inventor and creating something that could change humanity for the better. Then I thought about becoming a successful businesswoman and walking past buildings with the name “Tashi Skervin” engraved on plaques of gold. I thought about all of my ideas in depth and I soon started to notice that there was a common denominator behind each one.

When I was younger, if you asked be what I wanted from life, I would have simply replied “to be rich”. And in my adult years I have come to realise that I am rich, but not in the way that my younger self had envisioned. The young me thought that being rich meant that I would have a wardrobe overflowing with designer clothes and a house with a marble staircase. But now I realise that just because I am not rich in money sense, it doesn’t mean that my life isn’t rich. It’s rich in love, travel and experience. Life isn’t perfect, but I am happy. And that is my common denominator and all I want from life. To be happy.


I think we put so much pressure on ourselves that sometimes we are stripped of our own happiness.

We chase the competition, when we should be chasing our dreams. And instead of conforming to social norms, we should be carving out the life that we want to live.

I don’t know why I keep writing about happiness. Maybe it’s because I recently watched the Happy film, or maybe it’s because I have found a happiness that I want others to find to?

But that’s all that I want from life.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Just happiness and everything else that comes in between. I guess this ends my writers block.




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