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I pretty much always wear make up when I go to the gym. Not because I don’t want the world to see my makeup free face, but because I usually work out after I’ve finished work. Which means, I already have makeup on my face. I know it can often be seen as being controversial to wear make-up to the gym, but personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it! If I was to cleanse my face every time I go to work out, not only would I run out of product pretty quickly, it would also eat into my gym session. In the time that I spend cleansing and moisturising my face, I could be almost a quarter of the way through my session.

That being said, there has been many times where I wished that I had taken my make up off before a workout. Especially when I’ve done a super sweaty one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the gym without looking at myself in the mirror, only to return home to find that I have black marks running down my face. So now I usually opt for waterproof mascara to make sure that no matter how hard I work out, my make up stays in place. Mascara has always been my hero make up product. It doesn’t matter how tired I feel or look; a touch of mascara always makes me feel like myself again. So, when L’Oréal Paris asked me to try their new X Fibre Xtreme Waterproof mascara, I jumped at the chance to put it through one of my Marathon training runs through the City.

Be honest girls, how many times have you seen one of your post-race photos and thought, “why didn’t anyone tell me that I have black all down my face!” It happens to me all the time and although I actually find it quite funny (sometime), I’m running the London Marathon in April and really want a nice picture to remember my first, and probably last, marathon.

The Test

The L’Oréal X Fiber Xtreme Resist Mascara has a double waterproof formula to create a false lash look, that stays in place no matter what life throws at you. Whether it’s a stressful day at work or in my case a round around the city, the False Lash X Fiber mascara will give your lashes volume and length. without the hassle of false lashes. Like most girls, I’ve always wanted to have longer lashes and mine probably would be if they weren’t so curly. On nights out, I often opt for falsies to create more of a dramatic look so I instantly fell in love with the Flash Lash X Fiber mascara because it does just that. My make-up style is “your skin but better” and this mascara made me look effortlessly glamourous. Which is exactly how I like to look, including when I’m running!

The Result

Due to the cold, I decided to go for a fast 5km run to fire up my heart rate up and raise by body temperature to see if the sweat would ruin my mascara. And despite running at a speed of just over 4 minutes per kilometer, my mascara didn’t smudge one bit. Yes, I had tears streaming down my face due to running into the wind, but it was such a relief to find that my tears hadn’t been dyed black from the mascara. It was really easy to remove too. I often find waterproof mascaras can be stubborn to remove but this time round I just used a damp cotton wool pad and a cleanser. Now that I’ve got my race day make up routine on lock, all that’s left to do is 16 worth of Marathon training!

The L’Oréal X Fiber Xtreme Mascara is available to buy from here and you can get 10% off online X Fiber Xtreme Resist Mascara, and the new Brow Artist Micro Tattoo or Superliner Tattoo Signature. Just enter the code ‘SAVE10’ at the checkout! Only valid until 16th January 2018.

Thanks to L’Oréal for sponsoring this post and here’s to running more marathon miles without my mascara trickling down my face!

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