DSC_0089Last week I celebrated my 24th birthday and with those celebrations came presents, smiles, food and reflection.

When I turned 23, I didn’t really have many expectations but as I look back on the days, months and the year that has passed, I think if I ever decided to write a memoir, you would see the words “I found my feet aged 23” printed on one of the pages.

I completed my Masters degree a few months prior to my 23rd Birthday and for the first time in my life I wasn’t bound to the shackles of the education system. But that doesn’t mean I stopped learning and this is how I found my feet.

Life after graduating is scary. You leave with the expectation of landing your dream job in your area of study but the reality is, if you want something you have to make it happen.


After graduating from a Masters in TV journalism, life kind of just snowballed because I started to take a firm grasp on life. Working as a freelancer meant that my weeks were uncertain but the uncertainty left room for surprises. With each week came new opportunities. Like walking in London Fashion Week, that happened twice! I was also booked for a few paid photo shoots too, I’m not quite sure how that happened either… but it did.

I think the year of 23 was really when I got to exercises the muscle of resilience. There is a saying “life is 10% what happens and 90% of how you react to it” (something like that) and it is so true! I had to bounce back again and again until I finally secured a 1 year contract with BBC London. I was able to take my foot off the pedal (just a little bit) for a while and transfer all of the energy that I used to use on job searching, to doing the things that I love.

I started a running club, my blog began to grow and I began meeting new people and building strong friendships. It may sound silly, but at 23 I never thought I would be making forever friends. But as you get older your interests change. You make new friends…and sometimes you lose friends too.

The year of 23 saw my passion for sports, journalism and blogging all merge into one. I played tennis with Roger Federer and Serena Williams and a few weeks later I watched Serena become the 2015 Women’s Wimbledon champion.

My blog went from being something that I created out of boredom to work and essentially another revenue stream. And this is probably one of my proudest moments from the year of 23. I run this blog alongside working full time which means that I spend many late nights and early mornings creating content and trying to better my blog. I will be honest, it’s hard but I enjoy it, which is why I continue to do it.DSC_0072

The year of 23 saw me travel further than I have ever been and with that came a lot of adventure. My boy friend at the time took me to Bali for our 5th Anniversary and shortly after we arrived he asked me to be his wife! I’m still finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that my dream guy has asked me to marry me and that a dream has become a reality.

I am not sure what the year of 24 will bring. I have a wedding to plan so that will be at the heart of everything I do and my number one priority. But I have plans to explore more of the world and do all of the things that I love doing the most. I’m also going to be doing my first triathlon, so the year of 24 will be “interesting” at the very least!
My 23-year-old self has taught me a lot about who I am and where I want to be. A lot can happen in a year and sometimes life leads us on a journey that we had never considered. But all I can do is work hard, stay humble and enjoy the ride.

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