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LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 19:  A general view of guests as they attend the world’s first movement-activated performance by singer Ella Eyre, partnered with leading antiperspirant Sure, where the more the audience move, the more spectacular and energised Ella’s set will become, at the Century Club on August 19, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Alan Chapman/Getty Images for Sure)

One of the things that I enjoy the most about blogging is that I find myself attending the most wonderful events that showcase advances in technology, and I get to experience things that are out of the ordinary. Last night, Sure invited me to their gig with FitBit and Ella Eyre but this wasn’t just any gig, it was powered by motion.

Where: The Century Club London

We ate: Mini burgers and canapes

We drank: Traditional cocktails with an Ella Eyre Twist

We wore: Sure Montionsense™ technology and a Fitbit Flex.

Sure has created the worlds first antiperspirant that uses motion sense technology, which is activated directly through movement.  The more you move, the more it protects… see what I mean about advances in technology!? I have actually been wearing Sure Motionsense™  deodorant for some time. I initially bought it because of the fragrance (who doesn’t want to smell like strawberries and apricots?) But other than rushing around London, I hadn’t really put the motion technology to test.

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The gig saw Sure and Fitbit team up to track our movement and see if we still felt fresh by the end of the night. Gigs and concerts are nutritiously known for being sweaty so this was the perfect environment to test the motion technology. Fitbit’s (pictured) are activity trackers that track how many steps you’ve taken during the day and how well you slept at night. They will inspire you to sleep more and sit less!

The Gig was held at The Century in London, and I was greeted by the perfect combination of my favourite Mischief PR girls and cocktails.

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I spied some of the cast from The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea as I sipped my Fresh Eyre cocktail and caught up with friends, before Ella Eyre came on stage. I am quite a big Eyre fan, so I was armed with my Fitbit and Sure, because I was ready to dance!

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The glimmer in Ella’s eyes told a story of a girl who was living her dreams. Her voice sounded exactly like her records and although it was quite an intimate gig, she gave it her all and in return we sung our hearts out and danced to her music.

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Gigs usually send my paranoia through the roof because I scared of either a) smelling of my own sweat, b) smelling of someone else’s sweat that has rubbed off onto me, or C) smelling of a room that smells of sweat (is that even possible?) But despite racking up 1781 steps on my FitBit as I danced in the warm room, I still felt fresh! The Sure Motionsense™ technology contains micro capsules that break with friction to release bursts of freshness. I think in Sure, I have found a friend for life!

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