I think Monday is collectively the most hated day of the week because of what it stands for, the end of the weekend and the start of the working week. I’ve just returned from Kos and as I start my morning commute to work, the only thing that will remain of my holiday is my tanned skin. The beach, relaxed mentality and lazy days are all a distant memory. But that doesn’t mean that my Monday has to be a complete disaster.

Monday does mark the end of what is a usually fun weekend, but with it comes a new week filled with opportunities. If you dread waking up on Monday morning before the sun has even set on Friday evening, you are not alone but making a few changes to your attitude and routine could help you to start the week on a more positive note and here’s how.



Find a Better Reason to Get out of Bed

I’d love to tell you that I jump out of bed like a spring chicken when my alarm goes off on a Monday morning to go to work… but I would be lying. I’ve never been big on Monday’s but I am big on running so starting my Monday with a run means that my focus is on getting up for running and not getting up for work. And suddenly, my Monday feels a lot better because running puts me in a better mood. What lifts your mood? Exercising first thing on a Monday can be tough, so if its not something that you enjoy doing, try doing something else. Reading a book, cooking yourself a nice breakfast or even watching the news. Find a better reason to get out of bed other than “to go to work” and your Monday blues will soon disappear.


Goal Setting

Never underestimate the power of setting a goal. It helps me to feel motivated and it gives me something to work towards. It could be as simple as “eat better”, “be happy” or “worry less”. Write you goal under the “Monday” heading in your weekly diary and let it be a reminder of what you want to achieve on a weekly basis.



Be Prepared

The more you prepare for Monday, the less likely it’ll take you by surprise. No one should be frantically checking emails on a Sunday night before you go to sleep, so try to wrap up your work on Friday, so that you can enjoy your weekend and still make the transition into the new week seamlessly. Writing a to-do list for Monday on Friday is a great way to do this. And make sure that you get enough work done during the week so that your ‘to do’ list isn’t too overwhelming on Monday.


Make Plans

Give yourself something to look forward to by making plans with your nearest and dearest. Whether it’s a coffee date, Prosecco date or gym date, arranging some downtime means that your working week just got a whole lot better.


Look After Yourself

No matter how good or bad your Monday is, treat yourself. Wrap up the day and indulge in something that makes you smile; your favourite music a candle lit bubble bath or whatever it is that you need to help you to return to your happy place. I personally like to watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta because it provides me with everything I need, escapism.

If you have any more tips on how to beat the weekend blues, let them below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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