Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. Crispy gold leaves cover the grounds, fireworks can be seen painting the sky green, silver and purple in the distance and the countdown to the festive season begins. I love Autumn. London just seems so much prettier and although the days are shorter and the air is cooler, the cloud of thunder that covers most Londoners face during their early morning commute is yet to return. We’ve all still got that summer glow on our faces…for now.

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Autumn is time of year where we meet up with old friends and create memories that last us a life time, and of course lots of wine is involved. It’s the time of year when it’s acceptable to wake up on a Saturday morning and do nothing but ‘NetFlix and Chill’ followed by X Factor, because it’s too cold to go outside and you are yet to buy a winter coat. There is so much great TV on during Autumn too. It’s like the producers knew that during the summer months we would all be chasing the sun but now that the weather has become cooler, settling down with a cup of your favourite hot drink and watching TV is the perfect way to finish the day.

The festive season is ultimately my favourite time of the year but the level of excitement that I have leading up to Bonfire night is on par with Christmas Eve and celebrating my birthday! I love the feeling of biting into a toffee apple as I watch fireworks illuminate the sky.

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Oh and let’s not forget about the clothes! Yes it’s cold but who knew cold weather could look so good! Chunky knitted jumpers, fitted coats, jeans and heeled boots. I’m a winter baby, (January 11th, now you know, I will be expecting a card) so I will always favour winter fashion over summer style.

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The final three months seem to have crept up out of nowhere… I am still calling 2015 the ‘new year’.  But this is my favourite time of year so I am excited to see what the Autumn and winter will bring. I know one thing that it will bring for sure is cold weather. Autumn is so beautiful until we are greeted by cold, wet weather, dusty grey skies and spend the next eight months thinking about escaping the cold and moving to Fiji. Yes , eight months because although the winter may start in mid-November , it won’t be until late July before you hear yourself say the words that every Brit says when there’s a little bit of sunshine “It’s too hot”.


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