I’ve always read success books and watched Ted Talks but it’s only during the past few years that I have started paying attention to the words on the page and putting into action the tips and advice that the Ted Talks have to offer.

Sometimes I look at my life and think to myself “there is so much that I am yet to achieve” and then I have to gently remind myself that I am only twenty four years old and I still have a lot of living and growing to do. Since starting my blog, I have had a whirl wind of opportunities that seem to be steering me into the direction that I want to be heading in. I have managed to achieve a lot in a small space of time, but I have failed. I have failed time and time again but that doesn’t make me a failure. Each time I fall, I stand up tall, wear my biggest smile and try and try again.

Whether you are trying to start a blog, get a promotion or break into a new industry, here are a few tips that I practice every single day to ensure that the next time I fail, I am able to stand up and try again. And I hope that they help you to achieve your dreams.



Make a  Plan

This might sound silly because nothing goes to plan, but having a plan will steer you in the right direction. I like to map out one year and five year plans and every time my life changes direction I find another route! What would you like to achieve this year and where would you like to be in the next five years, is what I ask myself when I am setting goals. Write it down, think about it, believe it, live it.


Believe in yourself

The only thing that can really stop you from achieving your goals, is you. We all have moments of self doubt and lack belief but there isn’t anything more powerful than self-belief. I can’t teach you how to believe in yourself, but once you realise that no one is as uniquely beautiful as you are, you will start to believe. Focus on your positives and don’t you dare compare yourself to anyone else. There is only one you and being you is more than enough.

Find your cheerleaders

I think the most important part of my journey towards achieving success is having my cheerleaders. By that I don’t mean a group of people who constantly cry “Tashi, Tashi”, I just mean people who are always there to offer their support, encouragement and congratulations. This group of people, my cheerleaders, is only made up of a handful of people, but as the years have gone by I have come to realise that it’s the depth of the love and not the size of crowd, that matters.


Don’t be afraid

A lot of people are going to tell you that your dreams are unrealistic, unachievable, unattainable and all of the other “uns”, and the most hurtful part is that those words will come out of the mouths of the people you care about the most. Friends, relatives and partners. But don’t be too discouraged or let their words deter you from your goals. Us humans always try to think rationally and act based on our experiences. So when someone tells you that it’s not possible, they’re giving you advice based on their experiences, but that doesn’t mean than you can’t do it.


Look after yourself

Maintaining a positive mental state and looking after yourself physically shouldn’t be overlooked. Treat yourself to a good nights sleep and make time to workout, eat good food and look after your health. Work hard but play hard too. For me, being happy is a clear indication of success.

Arm yourself for a lengthily battle with resilience

The road to success isn’t easy and there will be many points along the way where you have to ask yourself “is it really worth it?” Arm yourself with a shield that can absorb setbacks and use your burning desire to succeed, as your sword.

What are your best tips for success?

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