Men are almost impossible to buy for. They always seem to have everything they need and when they do ask for something, it is usually unobtainable…like fulfilling a sexual fantasy with Beyoncé.

Over the years I have managed to find some gifts that have been winners with the my other half, so here is my gentleman’s Christmas gift guide.

It’s all about the Calvin’s

My boyfriend looks at watches in the same way that I look at shoes, which means that a new watch is always a good choice for a Christmas present. I search google page after google page to find the watch of his dreams at a price that won’t ruin mine, and I always manage to find the one. If you are thinking about getting your other half a watch for Christmas, take a look at his current watch collection and decide what is missing. Does he need a CEO watch to let the world know who is boss? Or maybe a weekend watch, for when he’s having a few drinks for the boys.


This timeless watch by Calvin Klein is sure to fill the gap in his watch collection. I immediately fell in love when I saw its silver face and the glimmer in my boy friends eyes when he opened his present, told me that he had fallen in love too.

Exclusive trainers

If he is a trainer fiend, treat him to a pair of limited edition trainers. This year my other half queued outside of Nike Town at 7am on Black Friday, to get his hands on these limited edition trainers.

Triple black Hurache’s by Nike


Jordan VI by Air Jordan

image2 (1)

These trainers arrived in stores in November so you may struggle to find a pair of these kicks, and if you do they will not be at their original retail price. Sign up to websites like sneaker news to find out when trainers are being released to make sure that you don’t miss out on next years wave of limited edition trainers.

If you are determined to get your hands on a pair of exclusive trainers for this Christmas, Kickz may be able to help you win the girlfriend/friend/sister of the year award as they are known for being able to make trainers that have been sold out for months magically appear.

A Weekend Holdall

I don’t know what planet my boyfriend was on when he thought it was acceptable to put his clothes in my weekend bag when we were going away, so I bought him a leather holdall to prevent him from taking up valuable shoe space.

image5 (1)

My boyfriend was the one who actually discovered this bag from Marks and Spencer’s and you can find a similar one here. This bag was an absolute bargain and its solid leather structure prevents the bag from losing its shape. Invest in a Leather bag as they are more durable than synthetic materials, which means it can withstand being thrown around in airports.


You will be surprised by how much he will appreciate a good pair of Cuff links, he will use them throughout the majority of his life and they make great stocking fillers too.



These silver plated Mulberry cufflinks are a little bit more expensive than most stocking fillers, but wait until you see how beautiful they look against a crisp white shirt. I bought my boyfriend these cufflinks a few Christmases ago when I had a friends and family discount code for Net-a-porter and I still can’t believe how shiny they are.

Treat your special man to a pair of silver plated Cufflinks. He won’t realise how much he enjoys having people stop and admire the gleam that comes wrists, until he has a good pair of cufflinks.

Whatever you buy the men in your life for Christmas, they will love it because it came from you….but remember to keep the receipt, just in case.

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