I have been wearing weaves for almost five years and although nothing feels better than a new weave, having a weave put in can be a long and strenuous process that leaves you with a sore neck and an itchy scalp.

The first thing I do before booking an appointment at my hairdressers is do an assessment on my current weave situation: do I need to buy some more hair?

I am usually satisfied with the amount of hair on my head but Lilly Ghalichi uploaded this photo to her Instagram page and within five minutes, weave envy had taken over and an order of Brazilian hair from LoveHair Online was on its way to me.

If you are going to have a weave put in which is less than 18 inches long, I would recommend buying 2-3 bundles of hair. Anything longer, needs 4-6 bundles to achieve a thicker look. I currently have five bundles in my hair but I am tempted to see what my mane would look like with six.

I have been buying from hair LoveHair Online since 2011 and I usually buy from them during sale time and they currently have a sale on now. I bought a 22inch bundle of Brazilan hair for £60 (on sale) and when I opened my parcel, I was thrilled to see that they had also sent me a set of Make-Up brushes.


Once I have anlaysed my weave situation, I book an appointment at Genevieve’s Hair Design in Nottingham. I don’t have a glam squad but if I did, Genevieve would certainley be in it. She has been doing my weave for almost a year and she really knows how to make my hair look good.

The night before my hair appointment, I take my existing weave out and it feels like a weight has been lifted from shoulders as my weave weighs around 550g. Another thing that I notice once I am weave free is a sudden drop in temperature. My weave acts as a good insulator and without it, my neck, head and ears feel the cold.

On the day of the installment, I make sure that my schedule for the day ahead is completely clear because I never know how long I am going to be in the salon for. I could be there for a few hours but sometimes I am there for the whole day so I always bring a packed lunch with me just to be on the safe side.

My hair is washed and treated, and then it is cornrowed. Having my hair cornrowed is always a traumatic experience because I end up looking like a teenaged boy and it is actually quite painful.

Once my hair has been cornrowed, I am ready to be transformed from looking like Lil Bow Wow in the 90s, and in to Beyonce. This transformation usually takes around an hour to be completed, but this time it took longer as I had highlights put in and here is the finished product:

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Genevieve always makes me look like a Disney Princess. Which Princess? Princess Tashi.

The day after I have had my weave done, I usually wake up to find that my neck feels stiff from being twisted and turned during the cornrowing process, but this only lasts a day or two. As for the itchy scalp? That usually goes after a few days too but sometimes it comes back. If you ever see me patting my weave, it’s because it’s too tight.

I get my weave redone every 6-8 weeks and I keep it looking fresh by using a  Tangle Teezer to brush it and I sleep with a do-rag on to keep it looking neat, even if it does make me look like Lil Bow Wow from the 90s.


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