A Moment With Mr Selfridge Actress, Aisling Loftus


Mr Selfridge returned to ITV for it’s third series last night and a few days ago I had the pleasure of interviewing actress Aisling Loftus, who plays the role of Agnes Towler.

Mr Selfridge came to our screens in 2013 and people from around the world have fallen in love with the period drama, based on the life of Harry Selfridge and his London store Selfridges and Co.

If you search the internet you will not find a single social media account listed under the name of Aisling Loftus, but the 24 year old actress has been on our TV screens since the early 2000s and she has recently been nominated for best actress in the 2015 BBC Audio Drama Awards.

I was curious to find out what to expect from Agnes Towler in season three of Mr Selfridge and learn a little bit more about the social media-shy girl, Aisling Loftus.

What should we expect to see from Agnes in season three?
In this series I think Agnes sees herself as a woman who has a career and strong sense of purpose. She is naive though, she thinks she knows how life ought to be….and that’s all I can say about that! But anyway, Henri has returned from the war and Agnes is over the moon and can’t wait to start their life together but who knows what will happen?

What is it like working on the set of Mr Selfridge?
I really love all of the props and costumes and in this series the fashion has changed so much. The costume and make up departments are really clever at figuring out how each characters styles evolves, as their story progresses. In season three there are fewer corsets, lower waists and smaller hair styles.

Did you look to anyone for inspiration to help you play the role of Agnes?
I’m a big Mad Men fan and I kind of thought of Agnes to be similar to Peggy Olson in the 1st series. They are both really driven and talented but overlooked and underestimated.

Do you ever watch Mr Selfridge when it’s on TV?
I do watch it when it’s on but I don’t really ever enjoy watching my own scenes because it just makes me feel anxious! I like everyone else’s bits though, particularly Miss Mardle and Mr Crabb.

Do the kissing scenes make your cringe?
You know what, I don’t really get bothered about the kissing scenes! I always watch them because I want to make sure that the scene is believable, but kissing scenes can be a bit awkward on the day of filming.

How do you fit exercise in to your busy schedule, especially when you are filming away from home?
I run a lot which is really easy to fit in. I’m about to go to St Petersburg and I’m hoping to do some running and exploring but it might just be too cold, so I will probably do body weight exercises and use resistance bands. I feel like crap when I don’t work out.

Your skin is pretty much flawless, what’s your secret?
Thank you! It’s actually a bit rubbish and dry in the winter so I have to make a bit of an effort . I use a Shu Umera oil based cleanser & Dr Hauschka toner, and a few times a week I leave a face oil on overnight. I also exfoliate, but not too regularly. If I’m not eating well it shows up on my face, so I make sure that I eat lots of vegetables & drink a lot of water to help to keep my skin clear.

What do you have coming up next?
In a few days  time I will be working on War & Peace, which is a 6 part drama for BBC. We are going to be filming in Russia and Lithuania which is really, really exciting.

You can catch Mr Selfridge at 9pm (GMT) on ITV, every Sunday.

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