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It’s almost two years since my boy friend and I moved into our home and just before we put up our third Christmas tree together, I thought I would share a few things that i have learnt about living with another.

1. Cleaning

Despite my somewhat prim and proper exterior, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a domestic goddess. I enjoy hoovering and dusting, but scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens is not my forte.

When I first moved in with my boyfriend, I pictured myself spending Saturday’s polishing the floor, ironing and watering the plants. The first few months in our new home were almost as I imagined. We dedicated our Saturday mornings to cleaning our  apartment, with all of the exciting new cleaning products that we had discovered during the first trip to our local supermarket.

Six months later and the cleaning dream team collapsed as I soon lost interest in our weekly spring cleaning sessions, due to them destroying my manicure. This was the last straw. You can judge a woman by the state of her nails, and I did not want to give people the wrong impression so I brought in some cleaning enforcement.

Save your manicure and hire a cleaner. It may cost you a little bit of money but it means you will no longer have a weekly stand-off over who should clean and your nails will not look like a rat has been chewing on them.


When it comes to sleeping, there is no such thing as “changing sides” so choose your side of the bed carefully. If you are afraid of being dragged out of your bed in the middle of the night by the bogeyman, sleep on the side furthest away from the door.

3. TV Programmes

I don’t think that my boy-friend imagined that he would spend his Sunday evenings watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta. When you live together, you are introduced to a world of TV that you didn’t even know existed and your boy friends/ girl friends favourite show becomes your favourite show. You will become so involved in these shows that that you will promise to only watch them together. Breaking this promise is an inexcusable offence, especially when it wasn’t “your show” to begin with. This action displays a complete lack of loyalty. These shows ain’t loyal!

4. Christmas 

If Christmas has lost its magic for you, wait until you are putting up your first Christmas tree with that special someone. It will feel like experiencing Christmas for the very first time. Turn it into an occasion, buy a real tree and treat yourself to a bottle of bubbly.

Your Christmas tree will twinkle away as you watch Christmas films and the snowfall, together.

Do you remember being a little child, searching your entire house to get a sneak peak at what your parents had bought you for Christmas? When you move in with your other half, the treasure hunt starts all over again! Each year I find new and interesting places to hide my other half’s Christmas gifts. I usually buy his present a few days before Christmas and keep it hidden in one of my abnormally large handbags or on my person. If I am in doubt, I will just send his presents to my mum’s home in Nottingham. Good luck finding them there, Jordon.

Living with your partner is like having a never ending sleepover with your best friend. It is wonderful.

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