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I am not a member of the coupon collectors club but I am always looking for a ways to make my money go further so that I can live my life fabulously. Fabulous doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to be fabulous.

January was a long month and I had to shop sensibly to ensure that my money didn’t dry up by the second week of the New Year, but that doesn’t mean that I compromised on the fabulosity!

When you are shopping you have to be savvy and remember that retailers are trying to squeeze as much money out of you, as quickly as possible. Offers have been put in place to trap you, not benefit you, and shops always have the last laugh when you walk in looking for toothpaste and leave with a Kettle, a leg of lamb and an electric Wok because they were on ‘special offer’.

Here are a few simple ways to help you to get the more out of your money and live life fabulously, but inexpensively.

Know When To Shop

DSC_0013I love roses but replenishing my vase every week can become a bit costly, but this month I discovered how to get a dozen of the most beautiful roses for £5. I bought the roses pictured above on Sunday, just before the florist closed, as this is when they sell their flowers at a reduced price. These roses usually cost £2 each and although they have already opened, the fresh smells and vibrant colours will keep my home feeling warm for at least a week.

Many shops have end of the day sales so take advantage of them and stock up on things that you would usually buy, but only the things that you would usually buy, to prevent from falling in to a trap.

Buy the Product, Not the Brand.

Like most people I usually buy my lipsticks from Mac and Nars but after months of searching for the perfect lipstick left me with no joy; I had to widen my search as I desperately needed to find a Lipstick in time for graduation, to match the red soles of my Christian Louboutins.


I ended up falling in love with a £4.99 lipstick from Sleek, a makeup brand that I hadn’t used before. The shade is called Vamp and it matches my medium dark skin tone perfectly, something that red shades of Nars and Mac had failed to do, and it costs a fraction of their prices too.

Don’t Be a Supermarket Snob

You will be surprised to see what you can find in supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi.

I recently discovered Knightsbridge’s Green Tea in Lidl and I drink about four cups of it a day, which is great because green tea is really good for you. It tastes better than any other boxed green tea that I have tried, and a box of 40 tea bags costs more or less the same price as one averaged sized green tea from Pret. Although I must admit, Pret’s Tropical green tea does taste phenomenal.

Lidl also do a fantastic Champagne and with it being priced at just over £9, I can finally say the Biggie Smalls Lyric “we sip champagne because we’re thirsty” with some truth being behind it.

Tesco were right, every Lidl helps!

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  1. February 2, 2015 / 12:41 pm

    This is such a gorgeous lipstick! I really loved your post <3

    • February 2, 2015 / 12:48 pm

      Thank you for reading Arielle! Its a lovely colour isn’t it! x

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