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My competitive streak means that I always want to challenge myself. I have thought about doing Marathons, but I don’t know anyone who enjoys training for them, or running them, so the fear of having a Marathon suck the joy out of running has prevented me from doing a 26 mile run.

But I crave adventure and I want to feel that overwhelming sense of fulfillment that athletes feel when they cross the finish line, so next year you will see me swimming, cycling and running. I am doing a Triathlon! And I must admit, I’m a little bit scared…especially of the open water swim.

Women are almost invisible at Triathlon’s and after being inspired by Woman for Tri, I along with my friends Adrienne and Hayley will be taking on the Triathlon.

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We have decided to spread ourselves out across the Sprint, Olympic and Half Iron Man Triathlons because we want to inspire women of all athletic abilities to give the Tri a Try.

Hayley has been doing Triathlon’s for quite some time and she will be taking on the half Ironman:
1.2 Mile Swim
90 km cycle
Half Marathon.

Adrienne is a personal trainer and a mum and she will be doing the popular Olympic distance:
1.5km Swim
40km Cycle
10km Run

As for me, I’m just a girl who loves being active and I want to motivate others to become healthier and happier. I have been assigned the Sprint Triathlon.
750m Swim
20km Cycle
5km Run

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I am a strong runner and cyclist but I can’t remember the last time I jumped into a pool “just because”.  Swimming is the first event and if I don’t get out of the water in a good time, my overall time will leave me feeling disappointed.  I’m no Michael Phelps but I have the determination of Eric the Eel (Can you remember him!?) and I will train hard to ensure that I jump in the water feeling confident.

I’m frightened about swimming in open water. I’ve peered into Lidos to find myself wincing in disgust and although I will be wearing a wetsuit, I’m still scared of what could be in there! At the moment it’s too cold to practice swimming in open water but, as soon as the temperature rises I’m just going to close my mouth really tight, dive in and hope for the best.

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I’m new to Triathlon’s and I’ve been told to practice transitioning between each event. I’m going to wear a Tri-Suit to speed up the transitions so for me it’s about finding my stride pattern as quickly as possible. They always say to run your own race, but if you’ve done a race before you’ll know that your adrenaline has a way of making your feel like you can run someone else’s race. The three events will test my endurance so I need to make sure that I don’t get too carried away and use up all of my fuel before I’ve reached the finish line.

It’s going to be hard but I am looking forward to training alongside two wonderful girls. I will be documenting my training on my blog and YouTube channel. Expect lots of laughs, fast runs, cold swims and I suspect there will be a few tears in there too.

At the moment I haven’t set myself a time to cross the finish line in, but after I start training in the New Year it will quickly become apparent if I could pass as a Brownlee sibling or not!

This girl can and this girl will!

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