About 18 months ago, the idea of getting my personal training qualifications popped into my head but I brushed it aside. I’d spent 4 years completing a bachelors and then a masters degree and didn’t really want to go back to studying any time soon, if at all again. I had also started working in quite a demanding job which meant I had little time for anything else other than that and a handful of blog posts here and there. Fast forward to the end of 2016, I vowed that 2017 would be the year that I do all of the things that I said I would, including completing a PT course.

2017 absolutely flew by. We got married in February and the celebrations didn’t really end until a few months after. And of course, even now I am still in that honeymoon period so my focus slipped a little bit and again the PT course got brushed to one side. But I guess the stars aligned because a few months ago I was given an incredible opportunity to complete my level 2 and level 3 personal training qualifications with No1 Fitness Education. 7 weeks later I have completed the course and I passed! I am officially a personal trainer!

I like so many others put things off due to a multitude of reasons and the biggest reasons is time. “I don’t have time”, is what I repeatedly told myself when I previously sought out to enroll on a course. The truth is I did have time, I was just spending it else where. So when I enrolled with No1 Fitness I decided that I was going to be committed and I gave up my weekends for 7 weeks to join my course tutor, and No1 Co founder Harry on a pursuit to becoming a personal trainer. I also work which means that I haven’t had a single day off since October 30th but, I was so engaged with the course it didn’t matter.

If you’re thinking about getting your personal training qualifications, here are few reasons why you should consider No1 Fitness, what to expect and why I enjoyed the course so much:

No nonsense approach to fitness

The No1 team have done an excellent job at creating a course that is both creative, informative and champions there no nonsense approach to fitness. We were encouraged to ask why and to challenge things that have become social norms. Such as “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, where did that even come from? There’s no scientific evidence to match that claim either so I am guessing it was just a clever marketing campaign. Harry, No1 Fitness co Founder, recently wrote a piece for City Am about myths surrounding breakfast, which you can read here.

More than just a course

Because of the specialist trainers within No1 Fitness, we were really spoiled in the sense that we got to learn from the best. And what I really liked is that we learned so much more than what the course syllabus required from us to pass. No1 Fitness wants you to be equipped with all of the skills needed to become a successful personal trainer and hit the ground running. As well as covering all of the course modules, we also did things like: an hour of stretching to familiarise ourselves with different stretches to give to our clients. We trained with heart rate monitors and learned about how the zones can help motivate clients to work that little bit harder. We even learned how to communicate with clients to turn “I cant’s” in to “ I’ll give it a try” and how to build a rapport so strong that they”ll want to commit themselves to the plan. It was so much more than “just a course”. It was a journey jam packed with knowledge and clever teaching methods which we discovered along the way.


I went into the course thinking that I knew quite a lot about the industry and realised that I actually know very little. And I still have a lot to learn. But that isn’t a bad thing, Harry has encouraged us to keep learning and I will continue to seek out new training methods to create a style of my own.


What to expect from the course

It can be a little bit overwhelming to be returning back to studying after finishing college or university several years ago. But as long as you’re disciplined and organised, you’ll be get back into the swing of things. I did the part time course which meant that I did all of the theory at home. Which actually worked out fine! I only had to dedicate a couple hours each day to online study in order to complete the modules, so it slotted into everyday life quite easily.

With the part time course, your practical days will be on a Saturday and Sunday and last 6-8 hours. You’re on your feet putting the theory to practice through exercise, so the days will feel a lot shorter than they actually are. We also did some theory work during our practical sessions which is ideal for those of you who like to ask questions. I always ask questions!

You’ll be in a fairly small group, mine was a group of 6, and this meant that the course was really focused and tailored to our needs. Most of us admitted that we didn’t know which stretches were the most effective, so we spent an hour learning the best stretches for various muscle groups. If you’ve got 15 or so people on your course, you probably wouldn’t be able to cover everyone’s weak spots like we did.

You will have 2 assessment days, one for level 2 and one for level 3. And although the assessment days do bring back the fear that you used to have as a teenager going into exams, the actual day itself is really relaxed. You’ll do your written exam first, followed by a practical assessment. When it comes to assessment day, make sure you revise and just be confident with your exercise choices in the practical. No one can say you’re wrong if you have a valid argument.

So what’s next?

I guess you will just have to wait and see! I have a rough idea of what I want to happen next and will spend sometime over the Christmas period ironing out a few creases in time for the New Year! Make sure you subscribe to my blog and follow me on instagram to keep up to date with my latest project!

If you’ve get any questions about becoming a personal trainer or my experience with No1 Fitness, please leave a comment below!

A huge thank you for No 1 Fitness for giving me this opportunity.

I partnered with No1 Fitness Education to get my personal training qualifications but as always, all views are my own.

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