You can find healthy foods in almost every restaurant. Most places serve salads and food from the grill so if you ask them to take away the sauces, dips and chips; you will be left with a relatively bland but healthy meal. When we dine out, we want to be treated to a taste sensation and not limp lettuce leaves and a few pieces of chicken.

Thankfully healthy food cafes and restaurants are popping up all over London, which means that maintaining a healthy diet when eating out no longer leaves you feeling green with envy as you eye up your friends burger whilst you eat your chicken caesar salad…without the caesar dressing. From post workout fuel to gooey desserts, here in London you can find the healthier alternative to anything that your stomach desires.

Here is a list of my favourite healthy food places in London.

The Grill Market Lomax
Best For: Post Workout


Providing you with a good balance of fats, carbs and protein, the Lomax Grill produces wonderfully nutritious post workout meals. The food here is bursting with flavour and contains everything that your body needs after an intense workout session. If you are in a bit of a rush or fancy something light, grab a post workout protein shake or enjoy one of their many healthy raw treats.

Best for: Vegan food and desserts.

When you first taste the food at Mildred’s, it will immediately become obvious as to why some people choose to follow a vegan lifestyle. This restaurant could make even the biggest meat eaters consider becoming vegan (for a second). At Mildreds, negative perceptions sourrounding vegan food are silenced because the dishes here are creative and there isn’t a limp lettuce leaf in sight! From burgers, to salads and sweet potato fries, the choices are endless and let’s not forget about their heavenly desserts!


The Good Life Eatery
Best for: Breakfast

goodlife 2

Lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings have become a thing of the past, because breakfast at The Good Life Eatery is something worth waking up for. You are spoilt for choice in this little Cafe! Paleo waffles and granola topped with fruit are just a few of the highlights on their colourful menu, and you can wash it all down with one of their cold press juices or superfood smoothies.

Best For: On The Go


Photo Credit: Leon

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or a quick snack, Leon has got you covered. This fast food chain has restaurants dotted across the city, but don’t let the words ‘fast food’ put you off! With dairy, wheat and gluten free options, Leon has given fast food a whole new meaning and there are even a few healthy (ish) treats on the menu too.

Best for: Juices and smoothies

crusshPhoto Credit: Cruush

Some juice bars will charge you more than £7 for a juice or smoothie, but the juices here are well priced, packed with vegetables and the combinations are endless. Try a green goddess, mango madness or how about creating your own juice or smoothie? Crussh isn’t just a juice bar, they also has a range of freshly made salads, health pots and breakfast options to keep you going throughout the day.


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