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Music can make or break my workout; I’m more likely to win the lottery than I am to forget my headphones for the gym. Without music, I don’t think that I would have the motivation to workout at the intensity that I do because music fuels my workouts. I don’t have a gym partner so it’s just me, my headphones and a carefully selected playlist. Music gives me the power to do one more rep when my muscles feel weak and to do one more minute on the treadmill when my legs are starting to feel heavy and want to slow down.

Like most people, I have very little storage space on my phone so I use Spotify to stream music, and I have a premium account which means no adverts and I can listen to music offline.  As for my taste in music? It varies. I grew up listening to Reggae and Disco music with my parent and this has heavily influenced my taste in music because the music I enjoy the most are the songs that are upbeat and uplifting, which is perfect for when I am in the gym.

If you have made it your new year’s resolution to become fitter, healthier or join the gym in 2016, make sure you have a music playlist that motivates you to hustle hard! I’ve pulled together a few songs from my 50 odd strong gym playlist to help you to achieve your health and fitness goals in 2016.

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Run to the beat
Stormzy- Where do you know me from
Rick Ross- Every Day I’m Hustling
50 Cent- If I Can’t
Christ Brown- Deuces Remix
Major Lazer- Watch Out for This
Fetty Wap- Trap Queen
Fifth Harmony – Boss

Sprint to the beat
Kanye West – Monster
G-unit- What up Gangster
Big Sean- I don’t F* with you
Drake – 6 God
Lethal Bizzle- Pow 2011 Remix

Lift to the beat
Stormzy- Shut Up
Young Money- Trophies
Big Sean- Blessings
Kanye West- All Day
Rick Ross- Aston Martin Music

Cool Down to the Beat
Fantasia- When I See You

What are your favourite songs to work out to? What verses or lyrics help you to run the extra mile or push through another rep?

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