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Summer is just around the corner and if you are struggling to lose weight or stick to your health and fitness routine, you may find the solution to your problems in the App Store/Google Play. We no longer have to spend hundreds on personal trainers and nutritionist because, we now have health and fitness apps that can transform our bodies at the click of a button! Here are my favourite health and fitness apps.

1) Nike Running 

I have used running app for years but Nike Running is my favourite running app, by a mile! It looks good, it’s quick and easy to use and you may even hear a few famous voices congratulating you on your performance from time to time.

If you are new to running or are preparing for a marathon, Nike will guide you through the process with a bit of help from their in app coach. Choose your running goal and your Nike coach will create a 8 – 16 week exercise and running programme for you to follow.

You can also connect with your friends within the app… My user name is TashiS, come and find me so that we can race each other!

2) My Fitness Pal

If you are serious about losing weight, you need to take a good look at your diet and a great way to do this is with My Fitness Pal. This app requires you to be brutally honest with your diet but this will allow you to identify what you should eat less or more of.

Use My Fitness Pal to track your water intake, calories, macronutrients and micronutrients. The app is pre loaded with the nutritional information of over 5 million different foods, including Nandos! But if you can’t find the food you are a looking for, you can type in the information manually.

You will probably be addicted to this app for a few weeks and then forget about it but, My Fitness Pal will make you become more aware of what you are putting in your mouth and help you to figure out where your unexpected weight gain is coming from.

3) Nike Training Club

If you don’t have a gym membership or struggle to find the time to workout, this app is perfect for you. Choose from over 100 workouts to do in the comfort of your home and the workouts last between 10-15 minutes.

You may think that 10-15 minutes worth of exercise isn’t going to help you to lose weight and tone up but, if you stick to the routine and work flat out for those 15 minutes you will soon see the benefits.

Whether you fancy Yoga, Tabata, a leg workout or a full body workout, Nike has a workout waiting for you with the intention of making you sweat!

4) Jaw Bone Up App

I got a Jaw Bone for Christmas and I am absolutely obsessed with the sleep mode! After I’ve been to sleep, I sync my JawBone with the UP app and it tells me about how I slept.IMG_2481

I used to think that if I went to bed at 11.30pm and woke up at 6am, I would get 6.5 hours sleep…wrong! I may go to bed at 11.30pm, but it could take 10 minutes for me to fall to sleep and I might wake up during the night. My Jawbone records all of this information and I soon realised that the 6.5 hours of sleep that I thought I was getting, was more like 5.5 hours.

Rest and recovery plays an important part in weightless and achieving health and fitness goals so, I now make sure that I get 7-8 hours sleep at least twice a week.

I hope you find some of these apps useful and please feel free to share your favourite health and fitness apps below!


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