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Have you ever left a Pilates studio dripping in sweat, with your muscles hurting after every step you take and every move you make?

Welcome to Bootcamp Pilates, a full body workout that combines the use of Reformer machines (pictured above) with the foundations of Pilates to help increase your strength, endurance and overall fitness.

I arrived at their Fulham studio to find that I was the only person booked in for their newest class, High Intensity Interval Pilates (HIPP). It was 6.30pm on a Friday evening after all; the time most Londoners break free from the shackles of their desks to find their nearest happy hour.

The studio was immaculate; there was not a single piece of equipment out of place. Ben Andrews was trainer for the evening and he told me that the hour long class would consist of me doing high intensity exercises and after I had finished the circuit, I would be performing Pilates exercises on the Reformer Machine.

I do Insanity workouts a few times a week and consider myself to be of Plyometric Royalty. I finished the first high intensity circuit with ease and ventured on to my nemesis, the Reformer Machine.

Ben told me to elevate my legs and place the Pilates ring in between my feet. I was instructed to perform crunches, whilst squeezing the ring with my feet. This exercise targeted my abs and inner thighs. I performed this exercise again and again, telling myself to “hold on” as the burning sensation ripped through my abs. Once I finished the set, Ben made me do it all over again with the ring in between my knees.

The last HIIT circuit included one of my favourite exercises, burpees. My legs were beginning to feel tired but I reminded myself that I was the Queen of Burpees. I jumped up and suddenly my legs felt a lot heavier. It was like someone was pulling on my feet, refusing to allow me to take off. The Reformer machine had fatigued every muscle in my legs and my love for burpees was starting to disappear.

What I enjoy about Pilates is that it does not discriminate. Have you ever been in a Yoga class where everyone is pretty much levitating, whilst you are struggling to touch your toes? Bootcamp Pilates caters for all abilities and your teacher will be with you every step of the way to ensure you receive the full benefits of doing Pilates. Bootcamp Pilates provides you with a full body workout, which is perfect for those of you who do not have the time to go to the gym multiple times a week.

I try to vary my workouts as much as possible to prevent experiencing a plateau and if Izabel Goulart looks as good as this from doing Pilates, I think it’s time to add Bootcamp Pilates to my weekly exercise routine.

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  1. Deborah clarke
    November 11, 2014 / 10:37 pm

    Oh lord! I’m knackered just reading this exercise stuff!
    Well done girl!

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