As someone who works in fitness, you’d think that I always have the motivation to train but I am just like you. Some days I do and some days I don’t. I tell myself “it’s too cold to go outside for a run” or “my arms are too sore” when more often than not, I am just being lazy. I love to exercise but I find the longer I leave it to workout during the day, the less likely I am to train. When you’re working towards a goal its only natural to find dips and peaks in your motivation and this happens with exercise too. When I’ve got a shoot or a holiday my motivation peaks and when it’s cold or I’ve hit a wall and stop seeing progress, it dips.  Here are 5 easy exercise hacks that I put in place to make sure that on training days, I train come rain or shine.

 Get up and go

It’s practically daylight at 5am now, so you can no longer use the dark cold mornings as an excuse…although it’s still cold! I prefer working out in the morning too because it means I’ve got the whole day to do whatever I please. To make sure that I am motivated to train in the mornings, I get my kit ready the night before and make sure that my phone, headphones and apple watch are all charged. This prevents me from stumbling round in the dark and loosing out on precious training time. I also try my best to get a good nights sleep if i’m training in the morning too as this means I am less likely to hit snooze.

Plan your weekly routine

Try to plan all of your workouts a week in advance, or get a solid routine in place so that you know when you’re training and what you’re doing. My perfect week would be: track, Barry’s, gym, track, rest, park run/Barry’s, rest. I book all my classes a week in advance and then I try my best to keep my social calendar clear on Monday’s and Thursday’s as they are reserved for track night. It doesn’t always go to plan but having this loose guide in place allows me to have a focus.

Plan your gym session

If go to the gym without a plan, I usually have a bad session simply because I don’t know what to do. I find myself walking aimlessly up and down the gym and my motivation decreases with every aimless step. So I create my workouts before I head to the gym and which allows me to stay focused and remain focused too. My plans are adaptable as sometimes the gym is busy and I can’t get to a piece of equipment, so always have a back up exercise in mind if your favourite exercise machine is in use.

Get a training partner

Having a training partner is another way that helps me to keep motivated and the funny part is, we barely train together! We track each others activity on our apple watches and this makes me feel a lot more accountable for my training. Whenever I see that my friend has completed a workout it motivates me to do my own workout. And I also take comfort in seeing that she’s having a rest day on a Sunday too.

Set monthly goals

Setting monthly goals will not only help you stay motivated, it will also help to progress your training. It may be to do an 80kg back squat, a 100kg deadlift or a 20kg bench press. At the start of each month, look back at your training. What have you enjoyed and what do you need to work on? And then pick a goal to work towards throughout the duration of the new month. This month it’s my goal to run a sub 5 minute 30 mile in the Westminster mile race that takes place at the end of the month,

Do you have any tips on how to stay motivated to train? Leave your comments below!

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