Now that we are almost in the second month of the New Year, it’s probably best to stop calling it the ‘New Year’ because that shiny brand new feeling is starting to wear off. Like me, so many of us start the New Year feeling positive and determined to reach our fitness goals but by March, new habits wear thin as the old habits start to kick in.

Losing weight, become fitter and finishing a race is usually at the top of  healthy New Year resolutions and it’s easy to become disheartened when you step on the scales to see that the number hasn’t budged. Or when we try again and again to do a press up and fail. Or how about when we set out on a race and despite training hard, it’s the worst run. Ever. It’s hard to find the motivation to continue towards your goals when it feels like you’re faced with set back after set back, but I am sharing some goal setting tips below that have help me to remain focused and achieve my fitness goals.

1. Regular check-ins

For me, the best way to monitor my process is to check in. The scales sometimes don’t reflect your progress so I find other ways to check in. The jeans that felt tight a few weeks ago, how do they feel now? I also measure my progress through fitness tests. Has my 1 mile or 5km time improved? How long can I hold that 12.5mph sprint in Barry’s bootcamp for? All of these little checkins help to point me towards achieving my longterm goal, so make your checkins as relevant as possible. If losing weight isn’t your main concern, step away from the scales and if you’re not trying to improve your running, don’t feel upset if you’re running hasn’t improved.

2. Make allies

Reaching your fitness goals is a ruthless battle, which is why you need to form allies. These people will help to keep you on track and celebrate every single achievement. They will be your support system and help to maintain your positive mental attitude. I’m lucky to be living in London because the city is crawling with run clubs and boutique fitness studios that have a community feel. If you don’t have access to a run club or a studio, sign up to Strava, follow motivational Instagram accounts or set up fitness whatsapps with your friends.

3. Reassess and recharge 

It’s important to continually ask yourself “am I getting closer to achieving my goal?” If it’s yes, is the goal too easy? And if its no, it’s time to ask yourself why. The goal set may not have been realistic. Has something happened in life that has distracted you and caused you to lose focus? Reassess, recharge and go again. It’s important to make sure that your goal doesn’t make you feel restricted or unhappy and if it does, take a step back. Reassess and recharge.

How are you getting on with your New Years resolutions? Leave your comments below.

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