27 sept 022

“It’s just too cold”, is what I find my brain tells my legs when they are itching to go for a run, but the fear of facing the cold prevents me from stepping outside and doing the thing that I love the most. Running.

If you are like me and live in England, you’re probably used to training in cold weather conditions, but that doesn’t mean that it’s enjoyable. I hate running in the winter. It’s cold, dark, windy and my times are no where near my personal best. But winter training is a great way to strengthen your weak points and improve your time before the new racing season kicks off next year. We all need a bit of motivation from time to time, so here are a few tips to help you peal back those bed covers and go for a run, even when it is snowing!


I always run with music and my playlist consists of my favourite songs from the summer because it reminds me of good times and more importantly, good weather. Pull together a list of your favourite songs and curate a playlist to keep you running when the temperature drops and you get caught up in the middle a down poor (that happens a lot during the winter). I use Spotify to organise my gym music and there are hundreds of ready made playlists for you to access. Search Tashiskervi13 to follow my playlists.


One of the main reasons why I hate running in the winter is because my hands are always cold! Wearing woolly gloves makes me feel hot and claustrophobic, but I have learned from my mistakes and this year I have opted for a pair of running gloves from Nike. They are really light in weight and have touch screen compatible thumbs and forefingers so I don’t have to risk catching frost bite every time I want to skip a song!

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It baffles me to see people running in a top and shorts during the winter. I know the body warms up during runs, but come on! Keeping your muscles warm will help to prevent injuries from occurring, so wrap up but don’t overdo it… you may regret wearing 3 thermal tops when you have sweat dripping down your face and 2km left to run. Wear activewear that has been designed to keep you warm, like compression fit clothing, and this will prevent you from feeling hot and stuffy.

Running Partner

Running partners are worth their weight in gold. You may not be able to get out of bed and go for a run, but when you have someone waiting for you the motivation suddenly appears! I love running alongside someone, I don’t even need to talk to them but just having them there is everything that I need to get going and keep going. If you don’t have a running partner, join a running club in your city. Here in London there’s an army of running clubs eagerly waiting to run a few miles with you and most of them are free!


One of the main reasons why we don’t want to go for a run is because we are too tired and when we are tired, we don’t want to do anything unless it involves hot chocolate, a warm home and a good film. Switching off just half an hour earlier will help to boost your energy and improve your running performance.

Share your running training tips in the comment box below, how do you stay motivated when its cold and dark outside?


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