Like most Brits, as soon as the temperature reaches 15 degrees I get my legs out because I want to make the most of the ‘good weather’. But this year we have been treated to a real summer, a 36 degrees summer with tropical storms. The kind of summer where you lie awake at night with your windows wide open, wishing that you had aircon or at least a quieter fan.

When the weather is like this we need to make every second count because this is England, who knows what tomorrow may bring! The British summer is far too short to be spending time in the gym, so I have put together a few of my favourite leg exercises that you can do at home to keep your pins in shape over the summer, without sacrificing precious sun worshipping time!

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are my favourite variation of the squat, but they burn! It will only take a few jumps before your thighs start to feel like they are on fire. Stand with your feet hip width apart and jump as high as you can and land deeply. This should be one continuous movement. Try to complete four rounds of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off.

Donkey Kicks

This is a great booty building exercise that also works your core and lower back. Get on all fours, with your hands shoulder width apart and your knees parallel to your hips. Lift one of your legs and bend it at a 90degree angle, and pulse it up and down! The pulsing movement means that the muscle is always contracted which makes the exercise harder. Keep the movement small and controlled. Try 4 sets of 20 on each leg.


Another way to make your thighs cry is by doing jump and pulse lunges. For jump lunges, jump high  and land deep and make sure that your front knee is in line with your ankle. Swap legs every time you jump. Try four founds of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. Once you have finished, do a burnout set of 30 pulse lunges on each leg. Keep the movements small and controlled, the deeper the lunge the more intense the exercise. My thighs hurt at the thought of this exercise!


So this is one that you can’t do at home, but there is nothing more beautiful than running as the sun begins to warm the earth. Running is primarily aerobic (unless you’re sprinting at the speed of Usian Bolt), but it still does wonders to your legs. It’s the perfect way to tone your lower body without making them look ‘bulky’. Change the intensity and distance of your runs frequently, to stop you from hitting a brick wall and becoming bored of running. Try hill sprints one day, a fast run on another day and never underestimate the intensity of a brisk walk!


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