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I train my legs every Thursday but after noticing that my bum ended half way down my thighs, I decided that it was time to give my butt a lift.

I have never had the desire to have the kind of bum that you see bouncing up and down in music videos, but after performing deep squats for months on end and seeing very little progress, I made an appointment to see the Glute Doctor.

The Glute doctor has an impressive track record and a bum so perky, you could easily balance a glass of champagne on it. We discussed my goals, and then she got to work on sculpting her latest creation…me! The Glute Doctor and I convened once a week for eight weeks and here is the finished product.

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My glutes have gotten so big that I actually split a skirt at the seams a few weeks ago whilst I was dancing to the Queen of the Booty, Beyonce, with my friends. This was quite a milestone for me and my tush as a few months ago I could not even fill out my skirts.

How did I do it? I worked my ass off in the gym, literally! The gym is a magical place where wonderful things happen when you perform the right exercises and follow a good nutrition plan.

Before the Glute Doctor came in to my life, I thought building a bigger bum in the gym was a myth as I had tried and failed so many times.

Who is the Glute Doctor?

The Glute Doctor is the wonderful Ally Saetta. Ally is a medical student, a level three personal trainer and a body builder. She has dedicated the past year to trailing and testing different exercises, to help people achieve the body of their dreams and she is an expert when it comes to building a booty.

Ally offers three online glute training programmes, a beginner, intermediate and an advance programme. Ally will send you a new workout to do each week and no two workouts are the same, which prevents you from hitting a plateau.

I did the intermediate programme but it felt like a workout fit for the strongest Spartan Warrior. It was not easy. The Glute Doctor pushed me about six reps beyond my limits. My glutes were crying out in pain during each session and the next day, sitting down comfortably was an impossible task.

Glute bridges are my favourite exercise to do and they are featured in the plan but be warned, expect to see some wondering eyes from sexually frustrated men when you perform these in the gym!

It only took a few weeks before my glutes started to fill out my jeans and the best part is that my legs remained the same size. I was initially worried about gaining size on my my legs but they are exactly how they were before I started the programme.

You can contact Ally Saetta for your own glute programme at

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Eat your oats and hire the Glute Doctor!

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