Happy New Year! Now that your new years hangover has finally disappeared it is time to start your new years fitness regime, like you said you would.

Every year we vow to eat healthily and exercise but many of us slip back in to old habits and before you know it, Dominos Pizza is sending you automated text messages again. This year, history isn’t going to repeat itself as I am bringing you two fitness gadgets to help you stay on track.

Jawbone UP Band


If anything makes you want to move, it’s the Jawbone UP band. There is nothing more dissatisfying than syncing your Jawbone to your phone to find that you are nowhere near your daily targets.

The Jawbone UP band measures how active you are and it encourages you to move more, but it does so much more than counting how many steps you did that day.

It’s hard to miss a workout or eat something bad when you have a Jawbone vibrating on your wrist to let you know that it is monitoring your every move. If you are prone 3 O’Clock sugar cravings or always skipping your evening workouts, set a reminder on your phone to tell you to move or eat healthily. When the alarm goes off your Jawbone will vibrate so violently that you will drop the cookie that you were just about to eat, out of shock.

The Jawbone also has a sleep mode that allows you to track your sleep and it gives you a mini analysis of the quality of your sleep. It tells you how many times you woke up, how long it took you to fall asleep and how many hours of deep and light sleep you had.


As for tracking activity, this is my favourite part! It tracks your workouts as well as your steps. I am an active person and the first time I wore my Jawbone I did almost 20,000 steps so I have set my target to 15,000 steps a day, and everyday I intend to hit my target.

Polar Watch FT4


Every time I go to the gym I train with my biggest inspiration, competitor and motivator… my polar watch! Nothing keeps me as motivated in the gym than my Polar FT4 Watch.

The polar watch counts how many calories you have burned and monitors your heart rate during exercise. I do a lot of High intensity and interval training so I use my polar watch to focus on my heart rate, rather than the calories burned, to ensure that I am working flat out during interval training.

If you find that your workouts are lacking motivating, a Polar watch could help you to become motivated again as you can use it to challenge yourself. If I have burned 500 calories in a spin class, the next time I go spinning I try to move my legs as fast as Usain Bolt to make sure that I match my previous calorie burn and sometimes I beat it. I use my polar watch to push myself to go harder and because of this I am getting stronger and fitter.

I love wearing this watch during weight sessions. You will be surprised to see how many calories you can burn whilst lifting weights, especially if you are doing weighted squats.

I have found new strength and motivation in these little toys and I hope you do too. They continue to challenge me everyday and I am looking forward to seeing my body transform, just in time for summer.

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