I am running the Amsterdam half marathon! Yes, this is Tashi talking and not some long distance running enthusiast. It’s me, the middle distance runner who fears running further than 10km. But here I am, facing my fears and booking my first half Marathon.


The total distance is 21km or 4 and a bit 5km runs, is how I like to see it. I can visualise running 5km, it’s something that I do regularly so breaking it down to 4 and a bit 5km runs makes it much easier to swallow. If I’m honest, I have always stayed away from the longer distances because I thought that they would completely suck the joy out of running. I feared that running would stop being exciting, fast and motivating and turn into a matter of how many miles can I cover before I have to stop… which isn’t fun at all.

But, my running journey is continually evolving and I crave feeling a cold metal medal touch my warm chest after completing a run which I gave my all.


It’s been a while since I’ve run further than 5km and I have never ran a half marathon before so I will be using the Nike running app as my coach. The app can help you run anything from your first mile to 26.2 of them and you can choose between beginner, intermediate and advanced levels too. Because I haven’t done a half marathon before, I am going to start with the beginner level…but that doesn’t mean that I’m not aiming to drop a wicked time!  It’s a 12-week program which means that it will lead me right up until the marathon. It requires 5 days of running and on some days you only run a few miles.


Maintaining my current body shape and my strength is important to me so I will be adding strength training to non running/low mile days and one of the low mile days will be subbed for a speed session with NRC. I have worked hard to increase my speed… I am not letting it slip!

So here’s to the Amsterdam half. May my training be injury free and may you be kind to my legs.

Have you done a full or half marathon before, or do you have one coming up? Please share your experiences and tips for running and/or recovery below.

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