Barry’s Bootcamp Hell Week Round 2


You wake up after nine hours of solid sleep feeling tired. You are hit with an overwhelming feeling of fear every time you step on the treadmill and you repeatedly tell yourself “just one more rep” every time you try to complete an exercise on the floor. It’s Barry’s Bootcamp Hell Week and as challenging as it is, the feeling of utopia and the euphoric high that you feel after you completing seven workouts in seven days means that you know that you’ll be back again.

I have done Barry’s Bootcamp Hell Week before but this time it was different. The format remained the same, 7 workouts 7 days, but this time round I was a stronger runner and I had an army of boot campers to complete the challenge with. If you are unfamiliar with Barry’s Bootcamp, head here.

Despite it being the most grueling fitness challenge that I have put myself through to date, I actually really enjoyed it! Faisal’s 7:50pm session on Friday had an atmosphere that could have easily been mistaken for a night club and every time you completed a workout, you leave the red room feeling like a champion.


I wore my new Polar A3600 tracker during each workout and I burned at least 600 calories with two sessions seeing me burn just shy of 700 calories. Hell Week always sends your metabolism into overdrive so I took advantage of my new and improve metabolism and ate more!

The day where I really struggled was Saturday. I woke up after a poor nights sleep due to feeling hyperactive after the workout from the evening before, to find that my legs were tired and my body ached. Fortunately Saturday’s workout consisted of lots of 4 minute rounds but 4 minutes on the treadmill seems like a life time when your legs feel like concrete.

Hell Week isn’t about being the fastest runner or lifting the heaviest weights, it’s about finding the strength and determination to climb your Everest. I set myself the challenge to complete every run on the advanced speeds. This was my Everest and I climbed it…JUST.

Sometimes you need a hand to pull you up the final hill. Day seven saw us climb an eight minute hill and just as I was about to throw in the towel and reach out to hold onto the treadmill as we entered the final minute, a voice came from beside me telling me to hang in there and it gave me the extra push that I needed. They always say “strength in numbers” and running next to new and old friends has never made me feel so strong.

Thousands of calories have been burned and a lot of protein shakes have been consumed and although it was hellish and my body aches… I can’t wait to do it all over again. Until next time.

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