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We are almost three months into the new year and I think it’s time for us to switch up our exercise routines, with a little bit of boxing. I’m not suggesting that we go all Rocky Balboa and start drinking egg whites for breakfast but, adding boxing to your gym routine could help you to break through a weight loss plateau and tone your upper body.

Every Friday evening I put on my boxing gloves and for one hour I feel like a boxing champion. I have only been boxing for a few weeks but my body has already become fitter, leaner and stronger. I didn’t realise that I could do press ups on a football until a few weeks ago, when I was at photo shoot with the FA (pictured above). I have been progressing quite quickly so it’s only a matter of until Floyd Mayweather’s people call my people to arrange a fight!

Boxing is a great way to keep fit and it is one of my favourite forms of cardio. I do a box fit class that includes lots of bodyweight exercises such as pressups and high intensity interval exercises like burpees and jump squats. If you’re bored of your exercise routine or are unhappy with your progress, here is why you should take up boxing to help you to get back into the swing of things (pun intended).

Full Body Workout 

You may think that boxing only works your upper body but it actually uses a considerable amount of muscles, from your toes right through to your knuckles. The primary muscles used during boxing are your deltoids, arms, core, back muscles and surprisingly your legs! Boxers have to be quick on their toes, which means that your calves, hamstrings and quads remain engaged.

I always find that after boxing my shoulders and abs hurt the most, which is great because I am on a mission to achieve visible abs in time for summer!

Reduces Stress

As well as raising your blood pressure and making your health deteriorate, stress can also cause wrinkles.

Boxing is another piece of artillery that has been added to my arsenal of anti ageing weapons because it helps me to de-stress. Whenever I am annoyed or frustrated, I just put on my gloves and pretend that I am punching someones face. I once told my boxing partner to think about all of the men that have done her wrong and she started punching away so furiously that I had to focus all of my energy on keeping my guard up. One wrong move and I would have been in A&E with a broken nose.

Hitting something provides you with a great sense of release so put on your boxing gloves and punch your problems away. Getting more rest also helps to reduce stress and I always get a good nights sleep after boxing.

It’s fun

One of the main reasons why people avoid exercise is because they don’t enjoy it. Running on the treadmill can sometimes be mind numbing and lifting weights can be a bit repetitive. Join a boxing class at your gym and you will soon find out how much fun you can have whilst exercising.

Working out with a group of people is so much more enjoyable than working out on your own because you can push each other to work harder!

I am always looking for people to workout out with so if you are in the London area and fancy doing an outdoor boxing session (when the weather is a bit better), leave me a comment below :).



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  1. Nadine
    March 1, 2015 / 11:35 am

    You probably know I’m not in London but when you’re back home, let me know! Let’s get this boxing show on the road!

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