Whenever I hear the words “The Body”, I immediately think of Elle Macpherson so when Lottie Murphy invited me to The Body Pilates, images of Elle Macpherson from the 80s ran through my mind as I quickly replied to her email to confirm my attendance. Pilates is a popular choice of exercise amongst models and well….I wouldn’t mind looking like The Body!

I walked alongside Lottie in the Charli Cohen catwalk at London Fashion week and Lottie is  a pilates instructor and a healthy lifestyle blogger. Lottie teaches both reformer and mat pilates and you can find a list of her classes here.

I am a regular gym goer but I have only done Pilates a handful of times and after my experience at Bootcamp Pilates and judging by Lottie’s sculpted physique, I knew that this workout wasn’t going to be easy.

I arrived at Six3Nine personal training gym in Covent Garden, to be greeted by some of my favourite fit girls. One of the things that I enjoy the most about blogging is that I get to meet lots of new people and the girls have been so welcoming.


I usually head straight to the front when I am participating in an exercise class as I like to show off my fitness and strength. However, Pilates isn’t something that I usually do and there was no way that I could compete with the likes of the super bendy Cat Meffan, so I picked a mat towards the back of the room.

Before the class started, Lottie warned us that the class would be quite hard and she wasn’t joking. We did a full body workout and it was quite core based which was exactly what I needed as I am trying to strengthen my core in time for summer.

I love Lottie’s way of teaching, she made us giggle with her witty comments but her soothing voice helped us to remain focused. I was actually impressed with my own flexibility but when the class finished, Lottie and Cat started doing things that I didn’t even know the body was capable of doing!


My breakfasts usually consist of fats and protein but Rude Health provided us with the most amazing brunch and their Bircher muesli caught my attention. I mixed the muesli with Co Yo, which is yoghurt made from coconuts, and it tasted so good that I went back for seconds. Or was it thirds?


After devouring my muesli, I had a browse through the latest collection to be featured on Active in Style. I must admit my gym wardrobe is a little bit dated, I still wear an Arsenal football shirt that is almost 10 years old to the gym! So after having a little browse through Active in Style’s gorgeous clothes, I vowed to spruce up my gym wardrobe in time for spring and swap my 2006 Arsenal top for something a bit more flattering.


I love to challenge myself and I am always looking for new exercises to try and, I wantt to thank Lottie for introducing me to her way of life because I actually really enjoyed her Pilates class.

Hopefully one day I will be as bendy as  Lottie and Cat but, I’m sure it will take a few more Pilates sessions before I am able to do this:


or this.


Ok I’m going to stop now because, this is just depressing.


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