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It’s been a while since I visited a new boutique fitness studio in London. I am a creature of habit, and it takes a special kind of workout to peel me away from my workout routine. But I must admit, in the more recent months my workouts have lacked variety and we all know that variety is the spice of life, so I am back to exploring London’s fitness scene and I have found a whole lot of fitness inspiration at Another_Space.

Another_Space is located in Covent Garden and offer Cycle, HIIT and Yoga classes to carefully curated music playlists. From the healthy lunch options to the beautiful changing rooms and Cowshed products, Another_Space has everything that I expect from a fitness studio and more. This place is 50 shades of cute and it allows me to get my cardio, yoga and endorphins fix under one roof.



This is where I find my head space, my inner peace and it’s the only place that allows me to silence my thoughts (for around 49 seconds). Their powerful and Dynamic Vinyasa flow can be done ambient or hot. I personally prefer hot yoga; the temperature warms your muscles quicker which makes you more flexible… or in my case able to touch my toes!

The teachers always encourage you to climb your Everest, and not someone else’s, which is refreshing to hear for someone who hasn’t been practising yoga for very long.

Yoga doms are a real thing too. After an hours yoga session with Chris, I woke up the next day feeling like I usually do the day after leg day. In pain! Yoga requires a lot of body strength so don’t be surprised if you too wake up to find that you’re suffering from yoga doms.



Cycle_Space is where the party’s at and everyone leaves the studio with a big sweaty smile on their face. The instructors take you on a journey, with 3 cardio peaks to maximise calorie burn and the music playlists have been curated for your enjoyment.

What I love the most about this indoor Cycle class is that gives you a full body workout and weights are used to torch your upper body and abs. I’m used to weight training, but when it comes to Cycle_Space I never pick up a weight heavier than 2kg. 2kg has never felt so heavy… I’d like to think that there is something strange happening with the gravity in the cycle studio but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Tiny repetitive movements are used to isolate muscle groups and that 2kg hand weight soon feels like a 20kg plate.




The newest of the three studios to open up is HIIT_Space. The workouts are fast and furious and being the cardio queen that I am it’s my idea of heaven.

Three 10 minute rounds will see you hit, burpee and squat jump your way to the finish line. Boxing has always been one of my favourite workouts; you get to punch things and burn calories. It’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

The punch bag work strengthens and tones your upper body, and improves your stamina while the body weight exercises on the floor burn fat and help to improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Have you tried Another_Space? Leave your thoughts below!

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  1. July 5, 2016 / 6:29 am

    Ah it sounds so great – can’t wait to try it out for myself!!

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