I have been wearing makeup since I was a teenager but putting on makeup can be an everyday struggle, as I never know what is going to happen. On a good day I am able to channel my inner MUA and create a red carpet inspired look in less than twenty minutes. On a bad day, my eyebrows decide that they no longer want to look like identical twins and I have to dedicate the best part of my mornings to trying to make them look symmetircal. In the more recent years the fight against my make-up has become a bit more one-sided, as I have found ways to overcome five of the most common make-up challenges that we face on a daily basis.


The biggest problem that we face when we are trying to create a Kim Kardashian inspired contoured look, is that we end up looking like the wrong Kim.


Advice: Book an appointment with your favourite makeup brand and ask them to take you through the controuring process. Make a note of all of the products and colours that are used on your face and practice contouring in your spare time. Watch YouTube tutorials to make that sure that you are on the right track and before you know it, you will be looking less Lil Kim and More Kim Kardashian.


We dedicate so much time to curling our hair and despite sacrificing our skin and burning ourselves in the process, we often find that all of our effort goes to waste as our beautiful curls drop before we have even made it out of the door.

Advice: After you have finished creating a curl, gently roll the curl up towards your head and pin it. Repeat this process for all of your curls and take the pins out when are you are ready to exit the building. This will help your curls to set and maintain their form, even if you have been whipping your hair back and forth in a nightclub.


In a perfect world we would all have symmetrical eyebrows but unfortuentately, symmetrical eyebrows are as rare as a Mermaid. We should celebrate when we create the perfect brow, but instead our hearts are filled with sadness because we know that we will never be able to recreate our masterpiece on the other eyebrow.

Advice: Threading is the answer to eyebrow related issues around the world. Since getting my eyebrows threaded, every day is a good eyebrow day. Use brow kits to compliment your natural shape and if you want to have thicker eyebrows, take Biotin tablets to help to make your hairs grow.


Is it on? No it’s not on, let’s try again. Yes it’s on, ok good. *sneeze* Great it has fallen off.

False eyelashes are usually easy to apply but sometimes they refuse to stick. There have been times where I have held a hair dryer to my face and risked burning my eyeballs, in a desperate attempt to make my lashes stick on.

Advice: Use a strong adhesive and count to 30, before you apply your lashes. You may also find it easier to put your false eyelashes on with a pair of tweezers and this will also help to prevent you from getting adhesive all over your hands and face.

Unexpected Drag

There is a thin line between looking glamorous and looking like a drag queen and we only realise that we have crossed the line when we are flicking through Facebook photos the next day. At this point it is too late to do anything about your make up disaster, other than untag the photos and report them to Facebook if your friend refuses to take them down.

Advice: Do your makeup in front of a mirror that has been placed by a window, so that you can see how you look in natural light or ‘real life’. When you have finished creating your glam, take a selfie in natural light to make sure that you haven’t entered drag territory.

Good makeup comes with practice but hopefully these little tricks will help to make your everyday make-up routine become a little less stressful.

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  1. January 15, 2015 / 3:56 pm

    “entering drag territory” lol great post!

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