FullSizeRender-32 I have been given the most wonderful opportunity to walk at London Fashion Week, for Charli Cohen! Charli brings fashion to fitness and her collection launched in 2013 but it has already been featured in fashion magazines around the world, including Vogue.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am and since receiving the news, I have been practicing my catwalk and trying to perfect the Tyra Banks smize.

I grew up watching America’s Next Top Model and Naomi Campbell is someone who I admire so I have always had an interest in modelling but being the wrong side of 5’9″ (5’7.5″ to be exact), meant that my chances of walking on a runway were slim. But, I’ve now been given the opportunity to walk at London Fashion Week and I can’t wait to “WERK IT, GIRL!”

I am active and I eat well but I want to look my best at fashion week so I am tightening up my diet, exercise and skincare routines to make sure that I feel confident on the runway.

My diet is going to remain pretty much the same (lots of fresh vegetables, meat and nuts) but I’m going to tweak a few things to make sure that I achieve my goal. I will only be eating carbs around my workouts and I will be preparing all of my meals in advance to prevent me from giving into temptation.

Even though I am preparing for Fashion Week, I will still be adhering to my one cheat meal a week rule, because nothing fires up your metabolism like a carb heavy cheat meal. On a Saturday expect to find me tucking into a big juicy burger and fries, with a side of extra fries!

As well as cranking up the intensity of my workouts, I have been inspired by the Victoria’s Secret models to start doing boxing and I absolutely love it! Every Friday evening I channel my inner heavyweight boxer and I leave the gym looking like I have had a shower in my clothes.

Boxing is a great form of cardio and we do a few high intensity exercises like burpees, sprints and suicides in between jabs, which is helping me to torch some fat as well as tone my upper body and improve my overall fitness.

Skin Care
I am actually quite strict when it comes to my daily skin routine so I will continue to apply eye creams twice a day and I also use a day and a night cream to help me to iron out any early signs of wrinkles. I will also be drinking 3-4 litres a day from the fountain of youth (water) to make sure that my skin stays hydrated and looks rejuvenated.

I have been using Bio Oil to help fade scars and stretch marks for a few months but I’m not convinced that it works because the results have been minimal. It does however act as a brilliant moisturiser so I may not be blemish free on the day of the fashion show but at least my skin will look healthy.

The fashion show is on Sunday 22nd February and until then I will resume to watching old episodes of America’s Next Top Model, in the hope of learning how to turn my squint into a smize.

Follow your dreams, because you never know how close you are to achieving them, or what the future holds. I’ve gone from having little modelling experience to walking in London Fashion Week. Work hard, say yes to every opportunity, remain humble and be kind to everyone that you meet.

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  1. February 4, 2015 / 10:43 am

    You must post pics of the show when it’s done! Congrats – Suzy x

  2. February 4, 2015 / 10:51 am

    Thank you so much Suzy! I will post pictures and possibly do a Vlog too 🙂 xx

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